Funeral Flowers

The passing of a loved one or perhaps a friend or colleague is truly a life changing event. Even when it is someone that is a casual acquaintance, the somber tone of a death in your immediate or extended circle is a time for reflection and one where proper etiquette is required. There will be viewings, funerals, burials and even wakes for most and this is why there are common rules of behavior that have been followed for many decades as it is a way to pay proper homage to the dearly departed.

One of 5the most common forms of expressing sympathy to the friends and family of the departed is through the use of funeral flowers. There are various options for sending funeral flowers, and for most the options and choices come down to the preference of the person sending the flowers and the wishes of the family of the deceased as well. This is because some families specifically ask that flowers not be sent to funeral homes and others make no mention and thus sending the flowers there is a viable and acceptable form of respect.

Those that do not wish to have funeral arrangement collected or sent to a funeral home where services will be held can opt to have a funeral arrangement sent to the home of the closest family members or perhaps the venue where the wake or memorial celebration will occur. However, if flowers are being sent to a funeral home, they should be chosen so that the colors and style is suitable for the occasion.

The most common forms of funeral flowers and arrangements have large sprays of flowers in very traditional colors such as white, yellow, pink or red. These are all common funeral flower colors and they tend to match the decor of the funeral home and the casket. Those who are offering to provide the casket spray must communicate with the family to determine the perfect color and size as the casket spray is the large arrangement of flowers that rest atop of the casket once closed and is thus highly visible.

The other options for sending funeral flowers include graveside sprays and stands that will be left at the grave site to honor the recently departed. These too should be chosen in very traditional styles and colors. There are various options for funeral flowers and the best way to truly choose the right arrangement is to look through the book of offerings or speak to a florist in the local area that services and thus delivers to the funeral home or other area where the flowers will be sent. This is a great way to help better ensure the most appropriate and respectful choice is made as the florists that specialize in funeral flowers know which arrangements and flower choices work best for such situations.

There are some common flowers that are typically incorporated in to funeral flowers and those tend to include roses, carnations, baby's breath, lilies, orchids and greenery. These are very traditional flowers and they are also commonly found in those traditional and somber shades that are suitable for a funeral. It is a personal choice in terms of the style of the arrangement but one needs to keep the deceased in mind when choosing. This is because not everyone would have preferred a large and gloriously vibrant arrangement and thus they would be better honored with an all white arrangement. From floral arrangement in a wreath form that are on stands to flowers in a large vase to casket sprays; the various options of funeral flowers are vast and varied which allows for the ideal arrangement to be chosen and sent to show your respect.