Wisconsin Funeral Homes

In Wisconsin there is much excitement around the natural cremation process. More and more people are choosing to cremate their loved ones without the use of fire which in turn creates smoke and greenhouse gases. In recent years there have been incredible advances in scientific and social advances in the funeral industry. As we mature as a society we allow our views to change accordingly. The Eco Cremation that is being sought in Wisconsin these days is process that uses water and heat to reduce the body to its base minerals in more healthy and less environmentally damaging way than the old flame and ash process we are all familiar with. As we come to terms with the fact that the planet needs as much help as we can give it to get itself healthy and to be able to sustain all of us in a way that is healthy and long lasting, people are changing their personal views to match. More often people are choosing socially responsible choices even in death. In the coming years the push for eco-friendly funeral services will only increase. Presently the biggest draw to green burials is that they tend to be less expensive than traditional burials. Ask your funeral director for details.

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