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In Washington and all over the United States there is a growing trend regarding speakers at funerals. There was a time when the family would simply pay a religious leader to stand up and speak about the dearly departed. Today more families are leaning toward having other family members speak at the funeral rather than a religious leader. It is unclear whether this trend has to do with changes in the religious landscape, or whether it's more to do with wanting to add a personal feeling to the services.

When you choose to have a family member, or a number of family members speak at your loved ones service you are given the opportunity to turn what might be a cold and choreographed service into a warm, personal culmination of actual memories from people who really know and love the deceased.

There are some cases where the family and friends of the person are simply not able to contain themselves long enough to speak publicly about their family or friend, and that is completely understandable. You can often provide some bullet points to the funeral director or an assistant at the funeral and they can sometimes help you to get your point across. The goal is to have a personalized, truthful, meaningful service, and your funeral director would be thrilled to help you accomplish that.

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