South Dakota Funeral Homes

South Dakota Funeral services are seeing more and more technological integration every year. Most funeral homes can and will provide a complete digital video that they create themselves using your photos and videos of your loved one. These videos are often played during the visitation. The family is often provided with a digital copy of the video on a DVD as well most funeral homes will be able to host the video live on their website for a period of time so that everyone will have the opportunity to go to the website to view it or save it to their computers. This kind of technological integration is helping to heal more people and create pleasant memories of the deceased by taking the pressure and stress out of the funeral arrangement process. Before the integration of video tributes like these ones, it was not uncommon to see the parent or spouse of the deceased stay awake for days going through photos and taping them to cardboard trying to get it just right. Now all you need to do is bring in your photos and select the song you'd like to have playing gently in the background and you are done.

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