Oregon Funeral Homes

Oregon is seeing a rise in the number of funerals where flower arrangements are not welcome. It might be hard to picture a funeral or funeral home without flowers, but more and more people are requesting that in lieu of flowers, people make a donation in the name of the person who has passed away. Sometimes the family members will choose a charity and ask that donations be made to that specific charity or they might leave it open to the guests to choose whatever charity they might like to donate to. If charitable donations are something that you think you might like to include in your funeral or that of a loved one you can talk to your funeral director about how they can help with the set up. Often the funeral home can have a staff member accept the donations and write out tax receipts on the spot; and often they can complete the donation and provide the family with an appreciation plaque from the charity who benefited from the donation. The level of charity assistance available may vary from one funeral home to the next, so you should talk to your funeral director ahead of time to see just how much help they can offer you.

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