Oklahoma Funeral Homes

The wildly popular green funeral trend has hit Oklahoma and the rest of the United States with a vengeance. People are extremely aware of not only their own mortality but also of the affect their presence has on the planet and the well being of the environment. This awareness has prompted an increase in the number of people requesting eco friendly and less environmentally damaging funeral services and funeral products. In an effort to 'be green' maybe people are requesting to not be embalmed to avoid chemicals leeching into the soil, they are often choosing not to use a casket to avoid damaging trees unnecessarily.

Natural or green funerals are increasing in popularity but are not available in 100% of funeral homes yet. Because of regulations and laws there will likely never be a time when we see a full stop on embalming, but in a lot of cases embalming can be foregone if the family members are willing to meet certain requirements.

Green funerals are so popular that you can now often find green cemeteries, or natural burial sites in most states. Your funeral director will be able to tell you where you can find green services and if they are in fact available in your community.

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