Ohio Funeral Homes

In 2010 more than thirty one percent of all deaths in Ohio resulted in cremations. That is the most cremations the state has seen in all of its history to that point. Cremation is strong trend sweeping straight across the country and all of Western society really. It is expected that cremation trends will continue to gain popularity and will eventually be the go to service when a person passes away. Factors that contribute to the popularity of cremation include the price reduction and the versatility.

While everyone is looking to save a dollar, by choosing cremation you can literally save thousands. By cremating people can choose to buy an inexpensive and possibly unattractive casket; no one is going to see it anyway. Cremation also allows family members to save money when choosing a burial site. Urns are small, they can often be buried over top of an existing family member's grave; or they can be kept in the home rather than paying for a burial. No matter what your personal preferences are there is a cremation option for you, assuming you are not prohibited by your religion. There are only a few religions that continue to stand against cremation of any kind, your religious leader or funeral director will be able to tell you if that is something you need to be concerned about.

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