New Jersey Funeral Homes

New Jersey has seen an increase in the number of cremations in the past fifty years. Some factors that contribute to this increase include increased population and desire for flexibility and speed of resolution. With more people than ever on this planet and in our country people are taking notice and more often than ever they are choosing to occupy as little space as possible. Cremation allows people to choose from a broad group of options when it comes to final disposition. Once cremated a person can choose to keep the remains in their home or any other building, the remains can be buried in a traditional cemetery, ashes can be scattered where the law permits scattering, or the remains can be placed into other objects. Many people choose to incorporate their loved ones ashes into items that hold significance to them. Putting Dad into a golf club or grandma into a rolling pin might be ideal. When the first person of a couple passes away it's common that they will be cremated and kept at home with the surviving loved one until such time as that person passes away and the two are buried together; this reduces the fees because there is only one burial fee. No matter what your reason is for cremation there are hundreds or thousands of options to choose from to help customize your cremation and to make a big splash at your funeral.

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