Missouri Funeral Homes

Missouri is pioneering a pretty excited new trend in funeral services. At a local funeral home funeral directors have received much attention and praise for their innovative foray into the non-traditional funeral. Although most of the funerals in this state are still held in a standard funeral home just as you would imagine, there are some new and exciting things happening in the state.

A rise in the popularity of and requests for personalized nontraditional viewing and visitation rooms has become evident in Missouri. One funeral home has been extremely successful in their attempt to make an unpleasant life milestone a little bit more tolerable.  

There are funeral homes and estate rooms that offer a feeling of being inside a family home, rather than a funeral home. Family members can choose a kitchen/dining room setting, a parlor/living room, or even backyard settings. These rooms are designed to look and function exactly as you would expect a real kitchen, living room or yard to function. Food and beverages in the fridge and on the dining room table, and family members are encouraged to bring in their family photos and any art or knick knacks the deceased might have enjoyed. Many people have found that the relaxed family home type of environment made their funeral experience much more enjoyable than a stuffy standard funeral.

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