Minnesota Funeral Homes

Cremations are up in Minnesota and across the country by an average of thirty percent over forty years ago. More people are choosing cremation, with or without funeral, than ever before. Although it is difficult to pin point the exact causes of trends such as this one, we can speculate that it could have to do with the cost effectiveness, the space savings, and religious changes over time.

Choosing cremation means a family can elect to not have a cemetery plot; this can save thousands of dollars in some cases. Cremated remains can be kept by family members in the family home, or can be stored away in the attic, or scattered where the law permits scattering. Any one of these options can be more cost effective than buying a burial plot. With cemetery space at a premium these days, some plots can be very expensive. Some cemeteries have even stopped selling space due to their overcrowding.

With all of the changes and space concerns in mind, many modern religions have bent some older rules a little bit. More religions than ever before are accepting and encouraging their followers to choose cremation rather than burial. There was a time where nearly all the mainstream religions frowned upon the practice, but that is no longer the case. Your funeral director can help you determine if cremation is the right move for you and your family.

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