Michigan Funeral Homes

Michigan funeral homes have seen a sharp increase in Cremations. Many people have selected cremation as an alternative to traditional burial. There are a number of factors that might contribute to this trend. Michigan like the other Northern states experiences quite a change in the temperature during the winter months; this weather fluctuation often causes the ground to freeze. The frozen ground can pose issues when trying to bury a casket. Although technology has advanced past the old fashioned 'man with a shovel' digging a grave, there is often still an increase in the costs associated with burying a person in the winter months due to that frozen ground. Cremation allows families to elect to hold on to the remains at home or another location, and complete the burial during the spring or summer months. This is often an appealing choice for families on a tight budget. Saving money on the burial often means families can splurge on other things such as a fancier urn, or other important things that help make an unpleasant situation such as a death in the family, a little bit more manageable. No matter what your reasons are, your local funeral home can help you set up a cremation with or without a funeral.

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