Maine Funeral Homes

In Maine more people are choosing funerals based on the services that their loved ones might have chosen for themselves if given the opportunity. More people are shying away from the depressing quiet sobbing black suited figures that we all picture when we hear the word funeral. The evolution of Funeral Services allows people to choose whatever kind of service they might like and to add or take away aspects as they see fit. There was a time when every funeral was the same with the same features and steps in more or less the same order and nothing was spontaneous or creative. It's no surprise that people are just not willing to accept a cookie cutter service or product list from which they pick their 3 choices and that's it. People want to choose their music, location, food, beverages, speakers, video tributes, clothing, and of course most importantly is the manner in which their loved one will be interred. There was a time when people would use a certain funeral home because that is where their family always went, but today with so many choices and so much room to customize people really are choosing a funeral home based on price as well as available services.

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