Maryland Funeral Homes

Maryland has seen an increase in the number of 'celebration of life' ceremonies rather than the traditional funerals that we are used of seeing. Most people have or will come to terms with the fact that death is an unfortunate part of life; as a result of this people are more often choosing to party  and be happy about  the good things that happened during that life, rather than wallowing in the misery of the loss. Celebrations of life can happen in any way that meet the needs of the surviving loved ones. Some choose to simply serve food and beverages at a funeral home; others choose to hold the celebration of life at another location after a traditional funeral service. Many people try to celebrate in a way that would have appeared to the person they lost, for example if he or she normally ate dinner at a particular restaurant, or enjoyed the company of a particular bartender, perhaps the celebration of life party could be held in their favorite spot. Rather than simply visiting a funeral home you could be doing some of the things that he or she loved to do, maybe attend a NASCAR race, or football game if that was something they might have enjoyed. If they loved it, you can use it to celebrate their life.

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