Massachusetts Funeral Homes

Non-traditional funerals are increasing in popularity across Massachusetts and the rest of the country. Many people are choosing to throw a party of sorts rather than the sad events that we are all familiar with. People are adding their own creative spin to the funeral in a way we have never seen before. More and more often people are having family and friends replace religious figure heads as speakers at funerals; who knows you better, your religious leader, or your sister or brother? People are adding personal touches including personal items such as trophies and other achievement items, and of course fun and interesting items.

Live music has seen an increase in popularity at funerals as well as live performances by family members and loved ones. Some have even added features like comment cards and comment boxes that family members can utilize to send private messages off with their loved one, a locked box provides the family with a way to share some final thoughts on paper with their lost loved one. There is virtually no end to the creative additions or subtractions you can make to your funeral plans. Whether for you or someone you love, don't spare any idea, if you can dream it you can do it.

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