Louisiana Funeral Homes

Louisiana is the home of the Jazz Funeral. The Jazz Funeral is almost exactly what it sounds like, there are live musicians playing music during the funeral itself and during the procession. Although the term Jazz Funeral was not a favorite among the participants it is the label that has stuck over time. Often there would be several types of music played including traditional African tribal music as well as modern music of the day in addition to Jazz.

Presently you can still find Jazz Funerals taking place in and around large centers like New Orleans. Jazz funerals often include military style marching band quality music and can often see the music go on for days at times. The more important the person the longer the music will last. In some cases there can be specially requested music played during a Jazz Funeral. In the majority of cases people in Louisiana choose what the rest of the Country would call a 'traditional' funeral, but it's sometimes nice to know that there are other options available.

Your local funeral director can help you set up a Louisiana style Jazz funeral, or a traditional funeral, or any other kind of funeral that might appeal to you and your budget.

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