Idaho Funeral Homes

In Idaho people are becoming more and more aware of our impact on the earth through life and in death. More people than ever before are investigating ways to honor their loved ones in death, while cause as little harm to the planet as possible. This is particularly important in a state where the dirt and the soil nourish the entire country, burying chemicals and poisons in that ground sounds even less intelligent after we consider how much of our food supply comes from Idaho. People are looking at a number of clean disposition options including green burial, liquefaction, and other new and less harmful disposition methods. In many cases these green funeral options are also less expensive, however the services are entirely different so you'll want to make sure you are being offered all of the services you are expecting. Most people expect a viewing/visitation as well as a service and a burial at their loved ones funeral. When you choose a green funeral you might be giving up a visitation/viewing, and you will most definitely be giving up embalming. You should speak to your funeral director at length before you make any decisions to ensure the green funeral you choose is in fact right for your loved ones.

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