Iowa Funeral Homes

In Iowa and other states across the country Funeral Directors are helping to sort out every aspect of the funeral service. More often than not the funeral director is helping with the initial arrangements as well as supervising to ensure all of the details are adhered to, and further to that they are helping with the obituary, and are often putting together videos and slide shows of the deceased to play during the funeral.

Technology is making a cameo appearance in our funerals as well as just about every other aspect of our lives. There was a time when a funeral would undoubtedly include at least one piece of bristle board with hundreds of photos taped to it to show all the different aspects of the person's life, today that is all done digitally, instead of taping pictures to cardboard we are scanning and putting them to music. As long as technology continues to be prevalent in our day to day lives I'm sure we will continue to see more and more of it appearing in our end of life celebrations as well. Funeral Directors are usually happy to provide the means by which to play these slide shows, or even create them for you. Ask your local funeral director just how much they can help you with your technological tribute.

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