Hawaii Funeral Homes

A trend almost unique to Hawaii in funeral services is their mixed faith memorial gardens. In these gardens and parks they have a variety of different sections that cater to the needs of a number of different faiths including Catholic gardens and Traditional Asian gardens and others. These memorial gardens provide space for every type of treatment from burial, entombment, scattering ashes, niche walls, and cremated remains buried at sea. In addition to these options for the interment of the remains of your loved ones there are options that allow families to purchase items such as memorial benches, fountains, sculptures and other decorations to be placed in the parks. These options give families a little something more than a headstone, or a plaque to visit to remember their loved ones. These are some of the special funeral services and products that you can find only in Hawaii, with some of the most beautiful views and bluest waters on the planet. More and more often people are choosing these unique and memorable memorial options for the interment of their loved ones. There are packages available for every income level and every religious sect. Your funeral director can help you make the best choice for your family.

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