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In Florida and other sea bound states there is an increase in the number of people who are choosing a burial at sea; but not the kind you are likely thinking. There are rules about actually dropping a human body into the ocean, and most states will not permit that. Who wants to be the person swimming off the shore when someone's grandfather washes up on shore? There are some other great ways to get the burial at sea that you might be looking for however. There are some options that allow cremated remains to be entombed in a concrete ball for example. This concrete ball can then be added to an existing collection of similar balls that are gathered together to create a man made reef and a habitat for sea life. This also allows surviving family members to have a place to go to remember their lost loved one, and to know that they are now a part of something bigger than themselves. The same kind of thing can be done in other capacities as well where loved ones can be incorporated into any number of sculptures and building blocks. Your funeral director will be able to tell what types of encapsulations are allowed in your area, and what you can do with them afterward.

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