Delaware Funeral Homes

More and more people are choosing to customize their loved ones funerals to the life and lifestyle they had been living. Rather than choosing a traditional or standard funeral people are often choosing less traditional more personalized events that better suit their loved ones. In many cases traditional funeral homes and their staff are able to provide a custom experience for people who are hoping for something a little bit less cookie cutter. Some people are choosing to broadcast portions of the funeral online, or have live music, or even offering food and refreshments beyond the usual funeral sandwiches. In some more unique cases people are choosing to forgo the casket entirely and instead have their loved one in a more true to life position, perhaps sitting in a chair, or another more natural position. These types of highly customized services can often be accommodated by local funeral homes, but you'll need to be really clear on your wants and perhaps provide some of the supplies yourself. Your local funeral home staff can help you to determine what is possible in the case of your loved ones funeral. Of course the amount of customization will always depend on the funeral home and the condition of your loved one.

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