Connecticut Funeral Homes

Open invitation funerals are a growing trend in Connecticut and around the country. Since the advent of social networking and personal internet use more and more people are gaining friends and meeting people from outside of their hometowns and as a result the list of people who need to be informed of a death have increased. It's not only parents, siblings and other extended family members who need to know, but the extended list of friends on a person's Facebook, twitter, my space, or blog followers, and email pen pals who need to be informed. This need for extended invitations and alerts to the death of a friend or contact has lead to some interesting new ways of informing people of a loss. More and more we are seeing Facebook fan pages and profiles being created or maintained after the death of a person. More often than not the contacts and loved ones of the deceased will like the page and add their stories and memories to the page for other loved ones to share in. Although it's not an exact science and there are no specific rules regarding this practice it is generally in poor taste to start a memorial page for a person who is not a member of your family, it should be a relative who starts and manages the page. Further to that the details of the death are usually held back in cases where it might be a sensitive issue.

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