Colorado Funeral Homes

In Colorado and across the Country there has been an increase in the number of Living Funerals taking place. A living funeral is not unlike a traditional funeral with the exception that the person is still alive. It might seem odd to hold a funeral for a person who is still alive, but these services  allow a person who is ill with a terminal disease, to ensure their wishes are met, and to say the things they want to say to their family friends and other loved ones.

Since this type of funeral is still by far less common than any other type of 'after death' funeral there is very little in the way of set rules or guidelines for this type of event. They are sometimes held in the persons home or care facility, or in their favorite restaurant or bar, or somewhere all together different. There are no limits on what kind of gathering it should be, some choose a happy celebration type of event, with themes, while others prefer a more serious structured affair with designated speakers and where the guest of honor speaks to his or her loved ones and might even bequeath his or her belongings to their friends and family members. This type of service is preferred by those who know their loved one has only limited time remaining, but has very specific requests.

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