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In Arizona and several other American states there is an increasing trend of sharing and charity that is appearing not only in people's day to day lives but also in death. More often than not families are reaching out to help others rather than simply closing themselves off to the outside world while managing their own grief. Every single day families are choosing the kinder options whenever possible. During a funeral people are often choosing to request donations to the deceased favorite charity rather than accepting flowers. In recent years charities related to disaster relief and to military families have benefited a fair bit from the generosity of those who had the fore thought to think of others in their time of grieving and emotional turmoil. This growing trend of giving of oneself beyond the grave is likely to be a long lasting and far reaching trend. As the world's population grows so does the number of people in need, whether you choose a health related charity such as cancer research, or HIV research, or a local charity that helps provide school lunches for children in need, your donations will undoubtedly be appreciated. Although there are no rules regarding the charity you choose to support, more often than not people choose a charity that has touched the deceased. Where possible you might consider donating the funds to a foundation related to whatever the person passed away from, whether than be cancer, drunken driving prevention, multiple sclerosis, or something completely different.

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