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As awareness of our planets deteriorating health is increasing so is the average individuals feeling of personal responsibility and their desire to be a part of the solution. In direct correlation with this you will likely notice an increase in the number of people seeking a Green Burial, or a Natural Burial within the state of Arkansas. Although the interest and requests for these cleaner, seemingly less intrusive funerals are increasing there are still only a limited number of funeral homes and cemeteries who are able to meet the needs of those seeking a cleaner greener burial.

The main difference in a green funeral to a traditional funeral is that there is no metal, or chemicals, or concrete used or added during the processing or burial of the body. This means the body is not embalmed, and any caskets used will not include steel or metal hardware, and the casket will not be encased in a concrete burial vault. In many cases these limitations also prevent a traditional viewing of the body before the burial as well so it's important to consider these facts before electing to go the green route. Your local funeral director can help you find a cemetery and funeral home that adheres to your values.

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