Alaska Funeral Homes

The most common Alaskan funeral service today is still the traditional funeral followed by cremation and often burial of the cremated remains. The benefits of a traditional funeral are tried tested and true and that is often the reason that most families select this option. During a traditional funeral service the body is embalmed to allow for an extended viewing or visitation period. The body can be on display for anywhere between 3 days and 2 weeks in some cases. The length of time the body is on display will depend on what the family selected and whether or not you have indicated that there are out of town or out of country loved ones who will be traveling to attend the funeral.

The elements of a traditional funeral include the viewing, the funeral service itself, usually in a church or the funeral homes chapel, and then a grave side service and burial. However families can also choose to trade the burial for a cremation, and then the cremated remains can be either buried, or kept by a surviving loved one. In Alaska however burial is still the most common choice. There are a number of combinations of services that include all different price ranges and service levels; there is a package for every religious and financial situation.

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